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Speech and Language 


Speech therapy may target distorted speech sounds, but also may target speech processes where sounds are substituted, omitted (left off), or decreased intelligibility (able to be understood). Being intelligible with communication partners is important to reduce frustration for both the speaker and listener, improve ability to express oneself easily, and promote confidence in social situations. Some children experience speech delays or disorders and participating in speech therapy services can help improve communication using accurate speech productions.



Receptive and expressive language are both very important. Receptive language is the ability to understand what is being said and expressive language is the ability to use effective language skills to convey thoughts, feelings, ideas, and converse with others in a logical, meaningful way. Some children have a language delay or disorder, in which they are not using vocabulary or language expression appropriate for their age. Therapy targeting language can help children be more effective at communicating (listening/talking), reading, and writing.

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